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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

deja vu

So here I am again. After an uneventful flight, during which I nodded off and probably dribbled.. I have been in the speedy Grayline bus (sitting waiting for stragglers for 50 minutes) into the metropolis that is Reykjavik. 

Still lots of Christmas lights up and some air of festivities. The sunset was beautiful but there is NO SNOW!! The countryside is brown. Different shades of brown, but nevertheless, totally brown.

It's interesting that in a similar way that I expected my second child to look and 'be' exactly the same as the first one, I expected Iceland to be a duplicate of what I saw last year as I was flying over Keflavik airport and during the ongoing journey to Reykjavik.

This is February last year:

And this is today:

I am off to have a walk around Reykjavik and buy some chocolate. The no drinking and diet starts in Skagastrond!!

Did I mention that I don't really have any kind of plan for this trip. It's an artist residency, so I want/need to be creative but it is clear case of 'watch this space' as I have no idea what it will become.....

Part of the sense of deja vu is that I have the same room in my little Igdlo Guesthouse (hostel). There is still free food and drinks and shared bathrooms, but it is sweet and tiny...

I will try take pictures and make notes on the long journey north tomorrow and if I can't send a blog update from my phone, I will sort it out tomorrow night. Missing this lot so much. I bet you're having a stress free evening for the first time in a week!

I've just arrived back in my room after meeting up with a new fellow artist in town. As I haven't got to Skagaströnd yet, I had 2 glasses of wine.... Reykjavik was busy and still very twinkly. These are just wobbly snaps from my phone. I really am off to bed now. Tomorrow the journey north begins, away from people, tourists and buildings! It's very odd without the snow... I'm not sure if they have much in the north but it's seen as having its own climate.

Bit of a pedestrian start to the blog, but I'm hoping to get into what I'm making and the processes involved. I'm setting myself a target of 5 blogs per week, so let's see how that goes.

Bless bless


Aly x


It would be great to hear your views or any questions you have about Iceland, Skagaströnd or the residency. Fire away!!