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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Happy Sunday!

Good Evening on this pretty nondescript Sunday.....

I have had an odd weekend where I have moved from room to room, coughing and wheezing, and then, desperate to get out, wrapped up for the weather and lasted 30 minutes before having to come inside again. I haven't been to the studio all weekend.

Saturday was cold and a bit drizzly for most of the day so I didn't mind being indoors. It got to around 2pm and I was climbing the walls to get out. I went for a wander, anticipating a half hour walk around the bay, but ended up staying out for much longer and finding my way to the sea cliffs. I also walked around the harbour but cannot remember when. My excuse is delirium.....

Anyway, I only took my phone as the wind was quite strong and I didn't want to carry the camera and tripod. I went with the anticipation of finding good spots to come back to with all the kit.

This sums up the place for me yesterday until I got to the sea cliffs:

Slightly unfair, because you don't have to look very far to find stunning natural beauty, but this was my pathetic ill mood.

The harbour reaped another type of reward. I love the broken down remnants of human activity.

That ladder looked so inviting.... Maybe tomorrow.

I then wandered into the odd mid area between the houses and the beginning of the countryside and found an odd stream which had a peat like colour. It reminded me of the water in the stream towards Buxton after a big rainfall. There was also an attempt to plant wind breaking bushes. These must have been planted in the autumn as they were single stalks - very young. There is no tree cover in Iceland that I have seen and very few bushes. The wind just rattles across all open areas and gains momentum to knock you off your feet. (into the sea...)

tree planting Skagastrond style

Rusty water

a plant stand....

As you can see from this, I am a little short in the actual making art department.... Well I have excuses, nay reasons. However, I did have this lovely wander around the sea cliffs and took quite a few images of where I would like to go back with my proper camera and make something. These are from my phone but I loved the colours - considering it's mid winter, the mosses and grasses are so green and there seems to be colour everywhere. I still miss the snow, as do all the other artists, especially the ones who are only there for one month, but it's inspiring to be able to walk in places I couldn't get to last year and its also good to not be falling over all the time.!!

I got back exhausted and had to sleep! I have been in all day today and am desperate to feel better tomorrow. I am still feeling a bit sorry for myself but promise I will turn it around and get back to happy, optimistic me as soon as possible!!

Just finally, opposite the house is a pile of rubbish which is very pleasing. This is what I leave you with tonight. It's obviously been pitch dark for hours, so I will be in bed for 10pm. Tomorrow is another day!

Bless bless


Aly x

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  1. Would they usually have snow at this time of year?


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